Mrs Lu

Mrs Lu, the founder of Magic Mandarin, has been passionate about both teaching and her native Chinese language and culture.  She studied these subjects at both degree and postgraduate level and even while studying she organised tuition groups.  Even at this early stage she developed a strong reputation for teaching and in a short time her lessons with one or two students grew to groups of over 20 through word of mouth.

After graduating she taught Mandarin Chinese and English as a foreign language in both state and private schools in China.  Once again her quality teaching gathered attention this time to pupils, parents, teaching staff and school officials.  In just a couple of years of teaching she was asked to perform “open classes,” for experienced teachers to learn effective teaching methods.  Around the same time she was promoted to the second highest grade and won awards for being the best teacher in her district.  Perhaps more important than this was the number of plaudits she received from her students, their parents and her co-workers.

Since moving to the UK her reputation has continued to grow. While she has taught up to A-level in classes at a secondary school, her experience has widened. She regularly teaches adults at community centres, where her classes are so popular they have run out of space. She also runs after school clubs in primary schools and several sessions for pre-school learning. She has experience of working with partners in China about Chinese medicine and translating academic documents for both private businesses and a prestigious university research centre.  However.  She spends most of her time providing personal tuition.  Her clients ranged from second generation Chinese who want to better communicate with family, to people needing to know essentials for travelling, those looking to do business or work in China, students preparing for GCSE and A-level and parents of young children who appreciate the value of knowing the world’s most widely spoken language.

For her work she has received constant commendations and warm thank you. She enjoys a strong reputation for being dedicated, energetic, charismatic, caring and producing effective results.  Although she is in demand, if you want her to help you personally or organise a group session contact us to make an arrangement.


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  1. I like the website. I’m glad to see that there are people who are promoting the Chinese language in London. Do you think in the future more people will want to learn Chinese?

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