Kids have their own way to speak, in a humorous and amazing way.

While I was on my way to work, I came across a short conversation between a little girl (about 3 years old ) and her mum. The mum was pointing to a big crane in front of them. She said ‘Look, Natasha, look at the crane, isn’t it big and tall?’. ‘Yes, it is big, it is as big as mummy’.

While I was teaching a 4 year old boy. We were practicing using the Chinese word for ‘plant’. So I gave an example; I said ‘ I planted a tree in my garden’. Then I asked the boy to make a sentence with the word ‘plant’. He said calmly ‘ I planted a daddy at home’.

There is another funny and genius conversation between my student and me. One day I was teaching a 3 three year old boy Chinese tones, the boy got the four Chinese tones correct in just a few minutes. I was impressed and praised him by asking him ‘Could you tell me why you are so clever?’. He answered very proudly and immediately ‘ Because I learnt super a lot of things’.

Have you heard any funny, humorous and genius kids’ word? Sure, you did. Post it here, we will laugh and enjoy together.