A desk, a chair and homework


We all know learning is cumulative. Everything new is based on something we have just learned. We also know that it is very important for kids to revise their work during homework. remember and digest what they have learned but we face a big challenge to make a kid sit himself/herself at a desk.

To encourage our kids to do homework, there are some questions we have to ask ourselves first. One of the more important is “do we have a dedicated study space or room with a desk and chair?”

Through my teaching, I came across a family with more than 7 bedrooms, but every room is crowded with stuff (toys, books etc.) It’s hard to say which room is for playing, which for studying, which for sleeping. With so much stuff, homework gets lost easily and the kids get distracted every few minutes. In this kind of environment, kids can’t tell when its time to play and when to study. This leads to a serious fight after parents ask “why have you not done your homework?”.

A lot of how kids act comes down to psychology shaped by their environment. Simply providing a room with a desk, a chair, a pencil, papers and an eraser before homework can reap great rewards. This should then be maintained so that kids gain good habits when studying and so you should see them sitting in their chair studying for hours.

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