Kids’ Words

Kids have their own way to speak, in a humorous and amazing way.

While I was on my way to work, I came across a short conversation between a little girl (about 3 years old ) and her mum. The mum was pointing to a big crane in front of them. She said ‘Look, Natasha, look at the crane, isn’t it big and tall?’. ‘Yes, it is big, it is as big as mummy’.

While I was teaching a 4 year old boy. We were practicing using the Chinese word for ‘plant’. So I gave an example; I said ‘ I planted a tree in my garden’. Then I asked the boy to make a sentence with the word ‘plant’. He said calmly ‘ I planted a daddy at home’.

There is another funny and genius conversation between my student and me. One day I was teaching a 3 three year old boy Chinese tones, the boy got the four Chinese tones correct in just a few minutes. I was impressed and praised him by asking him ‘Could you tell me why you are so clever?’. He answered very proudly and immediately ‘ Because I learnt super a lot of things’.

Have you heard any funny, humorous and genius kids’ word? Sure, you did. Post it here, we will laugh and enjoy together.


  1. Young children are so cute innocent and funny.

    When I was still working in a Primary school and my children were there too, I very often were approached by the kids telling me that they know my brother and my sister.

    They would ask for my age and I used to tell them I was 100. ‘you are old… the answer normally was. But one day a little girl said ‘but my mum is older than you….’

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